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2/0,2/0,2/0 & #1 Copper SER Service Entrance Cable Applications:

Type SE, Style SER Service Entrance may be used as service-entrance conductors and in other applications where SE cables are permitted when installed as specified by  dry locations at temperatures up to 90°C.

Stranded conductors: Uncoated copper per ASTM-B3, ASTM-B8, and ASTM-B787

Phase Conductor:
Type THHN conductors Black PVC (polyvinyl chloride), rated to 90°C in wet or dry locations Jacketed with black nylon (polyamide) One phase conductor has a red stripe on its insulation surface for easy polarity identification.

Neutral Conductor:

White PVC (polyvinyl chloride), rated 90°C Jacketed with white nylon (polyamide)

Equipment Ground Conductor:
Bare stranded copper conductor

Gray, sunlight-resistant PVC (polyvinyl chloride) jacket over the complete assembly

2/0,2/0,2/0 & #1 Copper SER Service Entrance Cable Standards:

UL 83 (insulated conductors)
UL 854 Service Entrance Cables, File No. 11098
Federal Specification A-A-59544
NFPA70: National Electrical Code

2/0,2/0,2/0 & #1 Copper SER Service Entrance Cable Specifications:

Insulated Conductor Size: 2/0
Bare Ground Size: 1 AWG (7)
Outside Diameter: 1.342 inches
Ampacity amps 195 @ 90°C
Net Weight: 1.713 lbs/ft


More Information
Cable TypeService Entrance Cable
Wire Size2/0 AWG
 Conductors3 Conductors w/ Ground
Conductor MaterialBare Copper
Stranded or SolidStranded
O.D. (Inches)1.342
Temp. Rating90°C
Insulation MaterialPVC – Polyvinyl Chloride
Jacket MaterialPVC – Polyvinyl Chloride
Jacket ColorGray
Direct BurialNo
Sunlight ResistantYes
Location UseWet, Dry
Indoor/Outdoor UseIndoor, Outdoor
StandardsUL Listed
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